Cooker grill wont stay lit

2019-10-22 18:43

Our Beko gas cooker model DVG 692P has a problem in that the grill will not always stay lit. You have to hold the grill control in for at least 30 seconds and sometimes longer for it to stay lit. I have a gas oven cooker where the hob& grill are working fine but the oven is not.Open the grill lid. Turn off the gas at the propane tank. Disconnect the gas line from the tank. Turn all control valves to high (including the side burner if you have one). Wait for one minute. Turn all control valves to off. Reconnect the gas line to the tank. Slowly turn on the gas at the tank. cooker grill wont stay lit

Jun 18, 2009  Belling G755 Cooker oven wont stay lit I have the same problem, i press the oven knob in and light the oven, as soon as i let go the oven goes out. I held it

Apr 28, 2012 Char broil gas grill won't stay lit The tank is full, the burners ignite but wont stay lit CharBroil Grilling question Search Fixya Press enter to search. Sep 05, 2017  Grill won't stay lit, Never, I would try only a new cooker 3. This may sound stupid but try this and see what happens. Pull the grill control knob off. Then pull one of the hob knobs off and swap them over. Then try and lit the grill again and see what happens and let me know.cooker grill wont stay lit Apr 22, 2009 My girlfriends grill broke the other day. The problem was caused by a little vent being closed. This vent is right at the back of the grill inside the oven. It is wrapped around the gas inlet pipe. Have a poke at the back of the grill to see if there is a little sliding vent and play with it.

Cooker grill wont stay lit free

Apr 07, 2008 Country: Most New World Gas Cookers do have a sola grill, and the flame burns on the. surface of the grill rather than having a burner at the back. pinksnowball has not said whether his grill is a sola grill at high level but he does say the burner goes out. It could be just a simple matter of cleaning out the injector to the grill. cooker grill wont stay lit

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